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Stained glass Mackintosh inspired mirror measuring 162 x 76cm

This beautiful set of mirrors can make quite a statement to your home. 

The colour range is Ice White, Silver, Black and pebble . We have other colour combinations which you can choose within this shop or why not choose all the colours yourself.

Contact us for a catalogue or illustration to help with selection.

The mirrors measures 76 x 102 cm for the large central one and 30 x 76 cm for each of the symmetrical pair. They can be made other sizes.

All items are handcrafted new so if you want to make any changes then you can.
Each mirror is ready to hang by the strong picture cord on the back. Some items are quite heavy so ensure you use appropriate wall hooks fit for your wall.
Delivery is included in the price to main land UK. Additional costs for areas outwith or international.
Please allow 3 weeks maximum for delivery as each item is handcrafted new for you by a sole artist and we usually have a list of orders we are working through.

We hope you see something you like in our shop. If not then please ask for the catalogue or talk with us.

Thanks for your time.

Trio Stained glass Mackintosh inspired mirror measuring 162 x 76 cm

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