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Euphoric Image is a Scottish company specialising in the design and manufacturing of bespoke Lead Overlay Stained Glass mirrors, windows, clocks, vases and sun catchers.

We have  produced a range of high quality decorative stained glass effect mirrors for over twenty five years and now.

Each piece is individually handcrafted to your specifications to allow you to buy or stock a truly beautiful, unique product.

What we do

Tell us what you want

and we will make it for you

Meet The Team

We are a small family business working hard for one another for more cakes, sweets and treats.

Each one of our customers are extremely precious to us so we work enthusiastically to handcraft beautiful items for you in the hope you will join our wonderful list of returning customers.

We hope that you´ll enjoy working along side us on your new bespoke items.


Daniel Haston

Executive Sales Manager


10 years experience in Sales and Management of Sweets.

Trainee stained glass artist.


Derek Haston

Founder and Director of company 

20+ years as a stained glass artist.

Studied Interior design and also

Visual information, design and illustration.


 Rocío Kastelblanco

Head Designer


Publicist & Graphic Designer.

Professor of Adobe training at the University of Bogota.

Trainee Stained glass artist.

We have an ever expanding selection of designs to choose from in different styles such as Mackintosh, Celtic, Mantle, Abstract, Floral, Garden and New designs.

To make your purchases individual there are options which allow you to get involved in the design process. You can choose your design from our plentiful range, size and shape, colours from the vast selection, replace elements like alternative Celtic knotwork or even select elements from different designs you like. We handcraft items perfect for your individual tastes and bring your thoughts and ideas alive. 

We aim to stand out from the competition and craft items of the highest quality. Every item is expertly soldered and the lead coated with a darkening agent which gives a sense of age and also protects the lead from oxidation and oils from touch.  

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