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Our Overlay lead Stained Glass Panels are pure lead applied to both sides of the glass panel. Colours are provided by UV-stable stained glass art films.

It's created by applying lead strips to both sides of a sheet of toughened safety glass. Overlay Stained Glass Colours are located on one side of the glass under the leaded strips. This glass can be supplied as single glazed toughened glass or a double glazed unit.

Various colors of transparent glasses make up this stained glass panel. This allows for beautiful reflections when the sun shines through. A matching dark silver frame surrounds this panel for added strength and longevity. A matching dark silver chain is also included. 

The size can be customized according to the window or door panels/ wall panel size or utility size. The size shown in the picture is 38 x 61 cm.

The price of the product and shipping will vary according to the size of the product.

We have different  colour combinations which you can choose, contact us for a catalogue or illustration to help with selection.

We can put our work into picture frames which can be fitted over existing windows. Contact us for details of this as we work with quality picture framers and have a massive choice of frames.

All items are handcrafted new so if you want to make any changes then you can.

Delivery is included in the price to main land UK. Additional costs for areas out with or international.

Please allow 4 to 5 weeks for delivery as each item is handcrafted new for you by a sole artist and we usually have a list of orders we are working through.

We hope you see something you like in our shop. If not then please ask for the catalogue or talk with us.

Thanks for your time.

We can email you our new catalogue packed full of designs.

If you have any questions then please just let us know.

Peacock design Lead Overlay Stained Glass Panel Window 38 X 61 cm


UK Delivery Included

Delivery within 5 weeks, Royal Mail 

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